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Bonfiglioli - Khai thác mỏ

With decades of experience in developing customized solutions for the most demanding mining applications around the world, Bonfiglioli can offer its customers a wide, complete, well-adapted range of solutions. From crushing to slurry processes to earth moving applications, our team of experts designs and creates integrated solutions that take on the harsh, dusty environments typical of mining applications. Our final drive, gearbox, gearmotor, motion and control solutions are renowned on the market. Today, our range of products is one of the broadest available in the world, with torques from 13 Nm to 3,000,000 Nm.



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1 - Large excavators and mining shovels
2 - Surface miners
3 - Bucket wheel excavators
4 - Jaw crusher

1 - Crushing
2 - Feeding
3 - Stacking & reclaiming
4 - Unloading

1 - Dewatering
2 - Dewatering
3 - Flotation
4 - Thickening

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 19/5 Đường số 4, P.Bình Hưng Hòa, Q.Bình Tân, TP.HCM

 0282.2537 656 - 0906.60 84 60



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