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Biến tần Motive gắn trên động cơ
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Biến tần Motive gắn trên động cơ


Thương hiệu : Motive

Giá bán : Liên hệ

Hotline: 0906 60 84 60

The purpose of an integrated motorinverter is to save time and reduce costs in the study, installation, wiring, programming and testing of the motor + inverter system, as well as the dangers due to errors associated with these operations. However, before the NEOWiFi, there were factors that limited the availability of motor-inverters: the degree of protection that was needed (motors can be installed out in the open, while inverters could not) and the fact that the motor-inverter, and therefore its keypad, remain removed from whoever is commanding it (imagine, for example, a ventilator that is on a roof). Motive has solved both problems with NEOWiFi, patented, easy to use, IP65, with removable control panel, remotable wireless, powered by induction when placed in its housing on the motor or by lithium rechargeable batteries. While possessing the most advanced features of the other inverters, NEO-WiFi, thanks to its innovative solutions, is designed as a competitive and user-friendly turnkey integrated system, with all parts, motor, inverter and control designed for outdoor use, and with standard remote control. The manufacturers of pumps, fans, and other machines can thus offer a finished “plug-in” product, without delegating risky and costly installations to their customers. Their customers need only to insert the plug, wherever it is installed, and decide if they want to bring the keypad with them.

Power range of motors that can be connected (at 400Vac)

motore-kW 0,18 0,25 0,37 0,55 0,75 1,1 1,5 1,9 2,2 3 4 5 5,5 7,5 9,2 11 15 18,5 22

Programming and control, that is also remote and wireless. A drastic reduction of installation costs.

A keypad can control simultaneously, or separately, up to 8 motors.

To maintain the degree of protection and eliminate fragile and complicated connectors, the keypad is automatically powered by induction when the panel is housed in the lid of the NEO, or, when remote controlled, it is automatically powered by rechargeable batteries that are provided standard, or by BLOCK.

High degree of protection, against dust and water, for outdoor use.

The keypad can be positioned or removed from its seat without any tools, because it adheres to it with 4 magnets.

Clavier rotatif.

The keypad is available in two versions: with or without analogue controls.

The keypad can be fixed to a metal wall with its magnets or to a concrete wall using inserts.

Incorporated filters of NEO-Wifi-11 and NEO-WiFi-22 make them suitable for industrial environment EMC. NEO-WiFi-3 EMC is compatible not just with Industrial environment, but also light industrial, commercial and residential environments.

Any NEO can be fixed to a wide range of motors of different power and size.

Thanks to BLUE, motive bluetooth transmitter for NANO and NEO, and to the free App NEO, you can make the setting or command NEO via tablets or smartphones.

Setting and command can also be made by a PC, thanks to the free PC interface program “Motive Motor Manager”

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