Động cơ điện vỏ nhôm Motive


Động cơ điện vỏ nhôm Motive
  • Động cơ điện vỏ nhôm Motive

Động cơ điện vỏ nhôm Motive


Brand name : Motive

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Hotline: 0906 60 84 60

Motive motors are built according to international standard regulations; each size throughout the construction forms is calculated with reference to the tables of standard IEC 72-1.

All motors are multiple voltage multi-frequency 50/60Hz, F class insulation, (H on request) S1 continuous duty service, IP55 protection (IP56, 66, 67, and 68 on request) IE2 or IE3 efficiency class tropicalized winding suitable for inverter power supply

IE2, high efficiency class IE 60034-30
IE3, premium efficiency class IE 60034-30

The copper is impregnated with a double layer of H class insulating enamel to ensure high resistance to electrical, thermal and mechanical stress. The phases are further isolated by another layer of Nomex film to protect the motors from the voltage peaks that usually occur when the motor is controlled by an inverter.

Bearings selected for their silence and reliability and, for the same objectives, the cage rotor is dynamically balanced.

From type 90, a steel insert is provided in the bearing slot of the aluminum flanges, to resist to radial mechanical forces with a fair degree of security

Motive asynchronous three-phase delphi series motors are closed, and externally ventilated. The frame, up to 132 included, is made in die casting aluminium alloy, from size 160 up to 355 the frame is made in cast iron.

Aiming the maximum protection, the motors are equipped with important details like the pull-resistant cable gland and the combination of bearings with two shields each with rubber seal rings

Cable gland can be easily moved on both the sides of the connection box, thanks to the screw cap The connection box can be rotated of 360° with steps of 90°

To protect them by the rust, motive motors are painted in silver RAL9006 colour

Performance excellence is granted by the low loss CRNO “FeV” magnetic laminations adoption,instead then the usual Semi Processed/Decarb “FeP01”. FeV laminations provide higher efficiency, lower heating, energy saving and longer life to insulation materials

From size 56 to size 132, feet are detachable, and can be fixed on 3 sides of the housing, thus permittig the terminal box to be positioned up, right or left


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