5 bad habits steal your working time

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5 bad habits steal your working time

New year is a reasonable time to give up things that are not useful to yourself. One of those things is to break up the time-consuming habits, helping maximize your working time.

Thankfully, many habits are easy to change. Expert Laura Vanderkam, author of two best-selling books in the US "Off the Clock:" "Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done" and "What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast" listed 5 popular "culprits" to identify and fix.

Nonsense meetings

Surely you have experienced meetings where it does not solve any problems. If it was the person who decided to convene a meeting, instead of wondering "Am I free?" then ask "Why is this meeting needed?". Laura Vanderkam said that the meeting without changing anything, don't waste your time doing it.

Reply to email immediately

Many people, especially motivated managers, check and respond to emails throughout the day. After all, it is also because of concern that there is an important or urgent problem in the letter. However, checking your email too often can cause serious time wasting.

Spend time checking email to focus on work. Also, you can refer to how productivity expert Chris Bailey makes. He set up an e-mail automatically saying that he often checks emails once a day at 15:00 and recommends other emails, specializing in receiving special and urgent mail.

Set the alarm several times

Want to have 10 more minutes before waking up in the morning? That's why you turn on the alarm several times. However, according to sleep experts, this is a more harmful habit than beneficial. Instead, set the alarm once and wake up on time.

Laura Vanderkam also said that a nap by repeated alarms was a bad thing for health. You fall back to sleep but not deep enough and if you are awake, waste time sleeping to recover energy. Instead, take advantage of the last deep sleep and wake up at the time of the alarm.

Go find lost things

It sounds funny, but one study said an average American wasted 2.5 days a year looking for lost items, from phones, wallets to keys and glasses. More importantly, it causes drip effect. 60% went to work late because they lost their belongings, 49% missed the appointment and 22% missed the train, car, plane because of losing their gear and looking for them.

In order not to waste time, it's best not to lose things. Vanderkam recommends that things that are used often need to be in the right place. For example, shoes, keys, sunglasses, and jackets are placed in the door while the phone is in the charging socket. The principle is that anything that is taken away from the house must be returned to the right place as a recurring loop.

Schedule work in the morning

Taking the early days to schedule work seems to be a way to improve productivity. But for Vanderkam, it is no different from wasting the energy and time of the brain.

The reason is because most people often have the most energy and concentration in the morning. So use it to think about what you should do first, if you waste this precious time. Instead, the ideal time to schedule a day's work is the night before.

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